National Portal of India National Train Enquiry System Indian Railway Center for railway information systems
To enquire running of a train, there is an input box labeled 'Enter train name/No.' under the 'Spot Your Train' tab given in home page.
Enter some part of either train number or train name (but not both together) in this input box and the list of suggestion will be displayed as drop down. By typing a big part of the train number or name your train will be visible in the drop down list.
After selecting your train from list, in few seconds, new input boxes will be visible, which are for journey station from which you will board/alight and the journey date. If the entered journey station is destination, then the journey date will be arrival date at journey station, otherwise journey date will be departure date from the journey station. Also the train name with number (below the train input box), Train source/destination (pink text) with timings and the days of week on which the train starts at source will be there.
The train schedule will be displayed as drop down. Journey station can either be entered in the journey station input box (by typing journey station name or station code using keyboard) or can be selected from the list of the scheduled stations being displayed. After selecting your journey station and journey date, current status of the train will be displayed.
Train schedule can be viewed by clicking at the icon as below which is at right side of the train input box.
Clicking at anywhere in the status section, full running of the train pops up on the page.
There are two buttons in this pop up, first button 'Refresh' is for refreshing the train current status from server and other button 'View on map' is for viewing the status of train in the map. We have data of co-ordinates of all stations in our server and we show the current position of the train on map using this data. By clicking the 'View on map' button, the map view of the train is displayed. Train schedule is also displayed at the right side.
Also two Buttons 'Refresh' (to refresh the status of train) and 'View Full Running' (for going back to the full running page) are given there.

Some times, when viewing the full running of a train, a station comes in between for which schedule timings and delays are not shown in a row as below. This type of stations are non stoppage stations, where trains are not scheduled to stop.